Erase stains without chemicals

Just use water

Rub Out Pads work optimally without detergents or harsh chemicals. They remove marks and stains from most porous surfaces. The floor pads are very effective on vinyl, porcelain, terrazzo, concrete, and ceramic tiles. They may be safely used to pull out dirt from all hard surfaces.

High Performance

Over 20 years of trusted technology now manufactured as an innovative tool to help you see results. They are aggressive in removing all types of soil. Manufactured with the right combination of layered materials to give superior cleaning and wear performance to the melamine sponge.  

The micro-abrasive pads are made from super-fine, non-toxic, melamine foam that lifts and traps dirt to rub out most marks. Designed to be used with low speed, high speed, burnishers, and automatic scrubbers. Simply rinse under tap water after use. Discard when melamine pad has worn away. Available in 10" to 20" sizes.